11 Things We Wish We Knew Before Our First Move

“If only I had known before” is a common phrase for first-time movers. But it’s normal because moving involves various steps, and a first-timer may not understand how to go about this right. Therefore, you are likely to make mistakes that can ruin the moving experience.

Here are 11 things we wish we knew before our first move.

1. Moving Expenses

As a first-timer, you can easily overlook the moving costs. You may then end up spending more than planned. Professional movers advise first-timers to budget adequately and plan for unexpected expenses. 

2. Best Movers And Their Legitimacy

An inadequate and unqualified mover can ruin your first move experience or lose your possessions. Such movers don’t have legitimacy or insurance coverage. This is why you should contact Schroeder Moving for ideas on how to move your valuables safely.

3. Need for A Packing Inventory

Your Packing inventory assists you in packing everything you need. Also, it helps to know the nature of your possessions, and it’s helpful when unpacking. We then advise that you have a packing inventory before your first move.

4. Climate Conditions

Being conversant with the climate conditions is something you’ll wish you knew before your first move. Unfavorable climate conditions can make it difficult to move on the planned day. For instance, poor road conditions can lead to delays by making the roads unpassable. Again, you don’t want to move with kids and pets in horrible weather. 

5. Cultural Practices 

Cultural practices and activities vary from one place to the other. If you move to an area with different activities, you’ll live wishing you knew about it before moving for a more straightforward adaptation.

6. Security 

Safety is a valid concern when moving to a new place and should influence your move. If your first move didn’t consider security measures such as the crime rate, you’d live wishing you knew about the security before the move.

7. Your Pets’ Needs 

During your first move, you should consider your pet’s needs. As a result, your pet won’t have trouble coping with the drastic changes or die during transportation. Therefore, know how to take care of your pet and the essentials to carry to ensure a comfortable move.

8. Safe And Efficient Packing 

Labeling your boxes is vital and will ease unpacking. It will make it easy for the team and you as well. Labeling also helps minimize the risk of damages since movers will know the contents of the boxes when loading and offloading.

9. The Packing Mistakes to Avoid

You can make many packing mistakes as a first-time mover. Such blunders can lead to delays and additional expenses during your move. Professional movers advise that you know what to avoid before the big day.

10. Healthcare And Other Amenities

Availability of healthcare facilities is vital. Consider the amenities in your new place to ensure a more comfortable stay. If you know about such amenities before the move, you will make more informed decisions.

11. Purging Before Packing

You may want to pack everything before the move. But some things may not be necessary. Declutter before the move and know what to dispose of.


As a first-timer, it’s easy to make mistakes while planning your move. However, a leading mover in your state can guide you in the process. If planning your first move, consider the above-discussed ideas to avoid costly blunders.

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