All You Need To Know About Underground Mining

Becker Wholesale Mine Supplies is a group of companies which have been serving for over 50 years and for over 15 years, this has been one of the leading positions of industry safety.

You can visit Becker mining communications for more Information regarding underground mining. In mining, one of the major hazards miners face is the threat of poisonous gasses. Hence, if not monitored properly they can prove to be really dangerous. Each system’s design is optimized especially, which is built to withstand the toughest environments.

Here are some of our products we have:-

  • VHF Leaky Feeder System
  • UHF Leaky Feeder System
  • RNG-500 VHF Leaky Feeder Cable
  • UHF Low Loss Leaky Feeder Cable
  • Kenwood NX-203/303 Radios

Leaky Feeder Cable for Underground Mining

Underground mining employs this cutting-edge technology. This is a cable that broadcasts radio waves throughout the mine and functions as an antenna. In comparison to traditional ways, this offers improved communication and protection. Minerals, cabling specialists, and manufacturers all benefit from these feeder cables because of this. Miners are safer and more efficient when they operate thanks to these feeders.

An Important Feature of a Mine Gas Detector

Mine gas detectors are a must for any worker working undermines. These detectors are very beneficial in determining the presence of combustible and poisonous gasses. And this in turn enables miners to take the required steps to prevent any potential harm. The following factors must be considered:-

  • The sensors used must be compatible with the environment.
  • Alarms and alerts are a must.
  • These gas detectors must be user-friendly and easy to process.
  • The material from which these detectors are manufactured should be durable.
  • Connectivity is the most required thing in today’s digital age.
  • These detectors should be flexible, i.e. they can work at different work sites.
  • Live monitoring can make better decisions when it is to safety.

Hence, by considering these features, choosing a gas detector for underground mining can prove to be really helpful to miners.

Working in an Underground Mining

A critical process for extracting invaluable resources and vital minerals from the earth’s crust. The tunnels and shafts are excavated in this process and this makes miners access ore deposits located deep inside.

Well, underground mining can prove to be challenging and dangerous due to the use of specialized equipment, techniques, and safety protocols.

But, underground mining also comes with some dangers including air pollution, changes in water flow patterns and gas seepage into water and soil supplies both chemically and naturally.

Also, the collapse of mine props often causes accidents due to earthquakes. Additionally, if the ventilation system fails to remove exhaust from mining instruments, explosions may occur.


In conclusion, mining has become more efficient nowadays. And in the case of underground mining, is much less labour-intensive and only fewer people work below the surface. Fewer people are involved in working, fewer chances of people falling at risk. Having the correct mining equipment makes a huge difference between success and failure.

Hence, safety must always come first in the case of underground mining. 

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