How a Team of Support Workers Can Help You During Uncertain Times

Times are changing. Things that worked for you before may no longer be the best choice at this point. This goes true when working with an NDIS support worker, especially in times of uncertainty like a pandemic. 

People have become more cautious because of the spread of Coronavirus and other emerging diseases. NDIS participants who require in-person support would be in a better position with a team of support workers. Highlighted below are some of the reasons that would convince you to work with them.

Reasons to Work With A Team of Support Workers

1. Check Profiles

You have to be extra careful when choosing the person to provide in-person support, especially during uncertain times. You have to be confident and comfortable whether at home or going to appointments. You need to check the profile of support workers to know their background and even their vaccination status. It would be an advantage if you can find someone who has completed relevant training including COVID-19 infection control.

2. Take Advantage of Virtual Support 

Virtual interactions became a norm during the pandemic. This applies even among NDIS participants, especially with the availability of support workers who can provide virtual support sessions.

Get the social interactions and guidance you need by choosing a support worker that offers video chat support. You may not be able to welcome a support worker into your home, but you will still be able to do activities with them from playing games to working on your budget.

3. Receive Emotional Support

Your emotional well-being may be compromised during uncertain times. Fortunately, you can count on support workers to provide the emotional support that you and your family need. They can offer undivided attention and give you the confidence to speak about what you feel without judgment.

4. Complete Important Errands

The help of support workers is not limited to the virtual space. They could also assist you when running errands. At times when a grocery run is essential or when you need to buy supplies such as medicines or pet essentials, a support worker can provide the help you need as you need it.

5. Develop Skills

A support worker can plan activities that will make days more meaningful for you. He/she can help you pursue your passion and develop skills by supporting you with your hobbies and interests. They can help you get involved in community groups or encourage you to learn a skill or engage in an activity that highly interests you.

Uncertain times may bring difficulties but you can still make the most of your days with the help of a support worker. Overcome difficulties and fears and find ways to improve. Having a team of support workers behind you does not just mean that you’ll have a companion. You may also have a mentor, teacher, and community bridge-builder that can help you find greater fulfillment in what you do from day to day.

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