Finding Your Perfect Downsized Nest

With the kids finally out of the house, you are staring down an exciting new chapter in life – one with a lot more freedom and flexibility. No more having to plan your daily routine and living space around a whirlwind of activity. Instead, now is the chance to craft a living situation tailored exclusively to fit your lifestyle, hobbies, and comfort as empty nesters.

Rightsizing Your Space

One of the biggest draws of this new stage for many is finally being able to shed all that surplus square footage. With no children running around, you can opt for a sensible size that minimizes housekeeping and maintenance while maximizing purposeful living areas just for you two. But that certainly doesn’t have to mean sacrificing luxury. Many empty nesters are now working with custom luxury home builders like Jamestown Estate Homes to construct their perfect, open-concept dream homes from the ground up.

Kitchen Bliss

Lots of empty nesters are going all-out renovating their kitchens into dream culinary centers. With no more sustained operation as a family diner, you can splurge on high-end appliances, expansive islands, coffee bars and wine chillers, and all those fancy must-haves you missed out on before. As the new heart of your home, it should be a space that stirs plenty of joy.

Your Ideal Retreat

Of course, with the kids out of the picture, your master suite can finally become the lavish, private haven you have craved all these years. Why not blow out the bathroom into a true spa-level escape with a soaker tub, enormous walk-in shower, and decadent dual vanities? You can even incorporate a cozy sitting area right in your sleeping quarters. This is the moment to create the cushy, intimately elegant owners’ suite of your dreams.

Outdoor Rejuvenation

After years of maintaining acres of grassy play areas, empty nesters often find themselves craving outdoor living setups tailored more toward peaceful rejuvenation and relaxation. Depending on your climate, it could mean embracing lush gardens with winding paths, water features, cozy fire pits or full outdoor kitchens with patio lounges that extend your living space outside.

Hobbies First

Of course, one of the biggest joys of this new chapter is finally having the schedule flexibility to lean fully into any hobbies and passions you have put on the back-burner over the years. Whether it is woodworking, painting, gardening, gaming, or wine tasting, your next home’s layout should absolutely incorporate dedicated areas to immerse yourself in those beloved pastimes without compromise.

Future-Proofed Sanctuaries

At the same time, you will want to thoughtfully prepare your new living spaces to accommodate your evolving needs down the road, too. Talk to your luxury home builder about concepts like universal design, accessory dwelling units, and main-floor living to future-proof it for older age and any caretaking situations.

Personal Signatures 

Above all else, partnering with a luxury custom builder grants you the opportunity to customize basically every aspect of your dream home’s look, feel, and flow to your unique personalities. Love rustic beams paired with floor-to-ceiling windows? It’s doable. Craving sleek, modern lines and smart home technologies? You’ve got it. Your new nest can truly reflect both of your design inspirations down to the most intricate details.


This is a chance to intentionally hit reset and construct a living environment that lets you savor the retired lifestyle you have earned to the absolute fullest. No compromises, no settling, no disorder; just carefree, luxurious living tailored precisely to you. With some vision and the right luxury home builder’s expertise, your perfect downsized dwelling will be a renewal sanctuary that spoils you both shamelessly.

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