Leadership Is Not As Tedious As It Seems

When people are selected either through votes or nominations to take on leadership roles, some may relinquish such because they think the leadership roles to be tedious, demanding, never-racking, tiring, and time-consuming. All these notions may be from experience or an encounter of a leader who probably had no idea of what he set out to do or even accomplish. Business leaders like Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and Henry Ford understood what leadership meant and all it entailed. It might be all that to people observing from the outside, but deep down, they enjoy what they do.

If you are interested in being a leader, you must first love what you do. You cannot hate something and expect to be successful at it, just like hating a teacher and hoping to pass the course, which in most cases is rare. So, before you set out on that leadership journey, ensure you have passion, or else, it will be more than frustrating. You will agree that Richard Warke loves being a business leader, which is quite visible in his results and business. You must first have a love for the role. This is very important. The next step is working on your growth. Even princes and princesses are sent out to schools. So, you are not exempted from this. You have to work on yourself, which involves learning. There is not a single stipulated time that learning is supposed to end. As long as you are alive, hale, and healthy, you just have to keep on learning to keep being better at what you do. The world is revolving so are ideas, innovation, experiences, and a lot more. Even the earth keeps on revolving. As a good leader, you have to be ahead and up to date with everything going on in your environment and beyond. This is where sacrifice steps in. The sacrifice will not be possible in the absence of passion. Do you think Richard W. Warke success is a result of just being idle? It is the evidence of a great sacrifice to the course of what he believed in.

You should ask yourself if you are ready to make sacrifices. If yes, you’ll find leadership to be very interesting and not tedious at all. Then, you might need a mentor. The work of a mentor transcends just training. They can be your silver lining when the tides become rough, or you are on the verge of giving up. These people are usually experienced. They will help and guide you from moving blindly and making decisions that can hamper your success. They understand what they have been right in your position, and they excelled. Why not tap into this free opportunity as presented.


In all, believe in yourself and remember you are taking up that role by choice. You weren’t forced. It’s all passion-driven. Once all these have been sorted out, you will realize leadership is more fun than you can imagine.

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