What’s Hot in Today’s Real Estate Market: Insights for Homebuyers

Today’s homebuyers have evolving needs and desires when it comes to finding the perfect home to purchase. More than ever before, homebuyers prioritize sustainability, technology integration, multi-generational living spaces, and amenities that support health, wellness, and quality of life.

Sustainability Through Solar Power

One of the most popular modern features potential homebuyers search out today is residential solar panel installation. The experts at Vivint Solar explain that a home solar panels systemallows homeowners to generate some or even all their own electricity needs. This saves money on electric bills and reduces a home’s carbon footprint. With concerns about climate change and rising energy costs, a home equipped with solar panels is appealing to eco-conscious millennial and Gen Z homebuyers.

Benefits of Solar Panels

There are quite a few motivations for those homebuyers looking at solar power. Financial incentives like tax credits make installing a solar energy system more affordable. Solar energy systems can also increase a home’s property value. What’s more, powering a home with solar energy protects owners from utility companies unexpectedly raising electricity rates. With a properly sized solar system, homeowners can predict what they owe each month to power their house. Adding battery storage allows solar panel systems to provide electricity to homes even during grid outages.

What Homebuyers Look for in Solar Homes

When considering homes marketed as “solar houses”, savvy homebuyers will ask several questions first. They will want to know how large the solar panels system is to meet that house’s expected energy usage. The age and warranty details on solar panels and other system components also provide insight into maintenance needs and costs. Homebuyers want reassurance that roof repairs or replacements will not harm the solar array. They will also ask about any solar loan or lease payments that could transfer to the new homeowners. Answering these questions helps homebuyers ascertain the value of the existing solar system.

Smart Home Technology

In addition to clean energy-generating solar panels, many modern homebuyers hope to find technology-forward features in their new home. Smart home tech allows homeowners to remotely control features like the thermostat, lighting, and security cameras for safety, convenience and energy efficiency. Tech-savvy buyers may request modern wiring and ample Internet bandwidth to power smart appliances, smart TVs, gaming computers and other connected devices that need reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Multigenerational Household Accommodations

The pandemic housing market inspired some families to have multiple generations living together in one home. This cultural shift means more homebuyers want houses tailored to multigenerational living, with amenities like a private bedroom, full bathroom and kitchenette for elderly parents or adult children. Flex rooms also allow adjusting usable spaces for nurseries to grow into kids’ rooms or home offices. These adaptable floor plans have open appeal.

Wellness-Focused Features

For health and wellness, future homeowners want walkable neighborhoods, low-maintenance native landscaping, soothing interior palettes and layouts conducive to family connection. Spacious kitchens for gathering around food prep and upgraded indoor air filtration systems are in demand. Backyards designed for relaxation, play spaces, edible garden beds and outdoor living gain buyer attention. Quiet spaces for yoga, reading nooks, crafting zones and other hobbies help modern houses feel like restorative retreats from busy work and school days spent largely online. The homes drawing buyer competition promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


The ideal residence varies based on each homebuyer’s budget, lifestyle, and location. While flashy fads come and go, well-built, eco-conscious houses suited for flexible living stand the test of time. Savvy home-buying families look for efficient, smart homes with space and amenities promoting health.

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