How To Be A Great Leader And Lead Your Team Successfully?

Leadership is a method of social influence that optimizes the efforts of others towards the fulfillment of a goal. Becoming a leader is not everyone’s ability as you have to work with a team of people, and you are responsible for the success of your plan. Similarly, a leader is solely accountable for the motivation and involvement of his fellows. You have to develop all the qualities of becoming a great leader. 

Jason Hare is a successful leader and the founder of Cornerstone Wealth Planning. He always inspired and motivated his team to work hard to succeed. Thus, feel free to learn from him.

Some easy steps can help an individual to be an effective leader. Those steps are discussed below:

Be Innovative

A great leader thinks out of the box and exploits the advantages of being a first-mover. He takes challenges and risks, and then his confidence influences others to follow him. According to Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder ):

 “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Be open to new ideas and alternate ways of thinking. So, Think about the new ways of doing various tasks and try new concepts to exploit new opportunities.

Jason Hare succeeded in his career because of his ability to innovate and keep an open mind for new opportunities and alternate ways to think.

Making a Strong Bond With the Team Members

According to the transformational leadership theory, a person can become a great leader by developing strong and positive relations with his team members. Moreover, such leaders motivate and inspire others by their actions and passion. A person must focus on improving relationships with his fellows and empathize with others.

Set Explicit Objectives and Expectations

Setting clear objectives and employee expectations for your team is crucial to being a great leader and employee success. When creating these goals, encourage employee inquiries and feedback. Including them in the process helps enhance involvement.

For leaders to encourage and inspire, they need to keep their staff aware of their goals. This awareness helps workers comprehend the ultimate goal they’re working towards as a team. Additionally, when a leader sets the objectives, everyone can follow the progress and recognize successes nearby.

Engage in Honest and Open Conversation

One of the most crucial parts of good leadership is having an open communication channel with your team members. There must be two-way communication between the leader and the team members. Similarly, an effective leader takes feedback from fellows from time to time and acts accordingly. 

Keep an Optimistic Attitude

A positive mind is essential to being an inspirational leader. Accept the mistakes of others with an open heart and devise positive things from errors. How a leader handles a poor circumstance speaks a lot about his leadership qualities.

Adjust With Changing Environment

Good leaders have the emotional intelligence to realize and accept that change is inevitable instead of striving to preserve a status quo solely for the sake of consistency. Instead of being a good leader, always welcome change, and think about adopting a new environment’s requirements.


Remember that becoming a good leader takes time. Although some people inherently have strong leadership qualities. However, anybody can study and improve. With hard effort, devotion, and smart preparation, you can lead your team towards victory.

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